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Event [ Finished ] 2x Event - 20th April 2014

From now until 11:59pm on Sunday the 20th of April (Server Time) there will be the following events running
- 2x dPoints
- 2x vPoints
- 2x Red Chips
- 2x MQC from finishing quests

Have Fun

Update Patchlist + fixes - 3rd Febuary 2014

As the update list was too large I have made a post on the forums.

Update New Quests + Patchlist - 22nd January 2014

Many new and interesting quests have been created for players to enjoy. As well as other updates and fixes. The full patch list can be found on the forums.




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Server Status: Online
25 April, 2014

Accounts: 43372
Characters: 67746
Players Online: 292

Exp Rate: x9999
Drop Rate: x9999
Penya Rate: x9999

Lord: Mazey
MVP: Slyth
Guild Siege: Desolation
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