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Two Red Chip Stores

Event Christmas Event - 18th December 2015

Details on the Christmas Event can be found on the forums.

Event Halloween Event - 28th October 2015

Details on the Halloween Event and the patch list can be found on the forums.

Update [Ended]2 year Anniversary - 8th July 2015

In appreciation and celebration of Mazey Flyffs 2 year anniversary there will be events running for all players to enjoy. They will run from July the 8th at 00:00 until July the 9th at 23:59, do note the times will be based off sever time.

- 2x Donation Points
- 3x Vote Points
- 2x Quest Drops
- 2x MQC
- 2x Rarity Event Chance

The Item shop will also have a 2 day sale for the same duration as the above events.
- Male and Female Fashion 30% off
- Weapons, Armor, Consumables, Scrolls, Masks, Cloaks 20% off
- Misc 20% off dPoints and 40% off vPoints.

Update Patchlist - 30th April 2015

The patch list can be found on the forums.



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